Once purchased, type the following in game to activeate your VIP Rank and get access to all the VIP perks.

/claim <youremailaddress>

30 Days VIP

Please Enter your In-Game Name

60 Days VIP
£14.99 (Save £5.00)

Please Enter your In-Game Name

90 Days VIP
£19.99 (Save £10.00)

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Terms & Conditions

When you play on our server and/or purchase any perks from us, you agree to the following:
The Contents of the perks could change at any time without notice.
You could be kicked or banned from our server at any time losing access to your perks.
If you do any of the following your perks could be removed without refund:
Interfering: hack, harm, grief, harass, threaten, interrupt, interfere with or misuse the Services, accounts, network software and services or other users, community members or staff.
Cheating: create, use, make available and/or distribute cheats, exploits, automation software, robots, bots, mods, hacks, spiders, spyware, scripts, trainers, extraction tools, mining or other software that interact with or affect the Services in any way (except as expressly permitted in the Fan Content and Modding Guidelines.